I just wanted to take the time to say thank-you for the excellent service you and your team provided me, while both selling my home and also helping me purchase a new home! I have attempted to sell my home 3 previous time over the years and with no results. I was very please that you not only sold my home, but sold it in 10 days! I was very impressed by your hard work to meet my needs, as I was on a very specific timeline for selling.

I appreciate the effort you put into setting up “Open Houses” Diane and made sure that id you were not able to be there someone from your team was more than happy to do so, as I did not want to put off the timing. Thank-you for making my requests happen! I was ecstatic at the quick results and couldn’t believe that you sold my home so quickly. I liked that I was treated professionally and everything that we talked about was delivered.

I have to also say an extra thank-you for the hard work tat you did in finding me a home out of your district. I think you went above and beyond in that respect. I appreciate you driving out of town and making sure that I found the perfect home for my needs. I know that it was very important to you that I found exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend you to anyone, Diane as a Real Estate agent; you are the best! Once again, thank-you very much.


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